Retire under the italian sun!


From January 1st 2019 you can also benefit of a great tax incentive if you are a pensioner moving to Italy.

Italian 2019 budget law introduced a new 7% flat tax on foreigner income for individuals who move to Italy starting from 2019.

In order to qualify, you need:

- Have a foreign pension

- Have been a resident of a foreign Country in the previous 5 years

- Move to southern Italy (little towns, Abruzzo is included)



Cheap Holiday House in Abruzzo - Italy (www.toccopareti.com)

Studio for rent in short holiday  (min. 2 days - max 30 days) in the Contrada Pareti of Tocco da Casauria (PE) with a wonderful scenic location. It has two sofa beds (2p + 1p) and a single bed in a loft, overall can accommodate up to 4 people. Equipped and enclosed garden, free parking. Distance from the village about 1 km. Note: The rent price of the studio depends on the number of people housed (max 4).         

Prices: € 50-70 /night - (min 2 night)

Booking on  www.toccopareti.com 

Note: If you stay a few days at the Studio Tocco-Pareti you get free consultation from the owner, realtor for real estate market inside Abruzzo. Collaboration with owners and Agencies.


The community of Roccacasale (AQ) in the middle of the 1900s

(Photographs by Cesare Torelli)


                                                                          Your Italy RAI - Abruzzo


The Lake of Scanno among the most beautiful in Italy

     by Skyscanner....  www.abruzzolive.it


                                                                                                         Abruzzo Transiberian